Allison Transmission (ALSN) – The World’s Largest Little Known Automatic Transmission Company

Company Background Allison Transmission (ALSN or Allison) came up on my screen recently. I've heard of this name but never dug deeper. ALSN is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was founded in 1915. From 1929 until 2007, it was part of General Motors (GM) until it emerged as a standalone company. In 2012, Allison began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. According to its annual report: [Allison is] the world's largest manufacturer of fully-automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles and medium- and heavy-tactical U.S. defense vehicles. In 2018, Allison had 60% global market share [...]

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How to Save Money by Negotiating a Short Sale

How to Save Money by Negotiating a Short Sale How to save money.  You can save a few hundred a month buying groceries intelligently or by searching the web for the hottest deals.  Saving a few hundred bucks a month is a ton over a year and its effects are even greater over 10 years.  But what if that’s not enough?  What if you need to somehow impossibly cut back your expenses like $1000-$1500 because you lost your job or your savings have depleted? The mortgage payment is America’s single highest expense. I believe in honoring your word.  [...]

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How to Buy a Short Sale – or a Foreclosure in King County

How to Buy a Short Sale – or a Foreclosure in King County It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I apologize for that.  My recent preoccupation with an investment property is to blame.  I’ve been in contract to purchase a short sale in Madison Valley and the negotiators are working with the bank to get final approval before the property goes to auction this Friday.  Meanwhile, I thought it’d be nice to share the process as it’s fresh in my mind, and perhaps you will glean something from it for your next real estate investment project. [...]

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Mr. Market

A look at the greatest investors shows they all have particular trait in common - the ability to have strong convictions and stick with their guns whether or not their opinions are popular.  Ben Graham, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, George Soros, John C Bogle, and Julian Robertson to name a few.  These are people who achieved the upper echelons of success in their respective fields by standing out and having the courage to disagree with the masses. Benjamin Graham’s sums this concept up in his famous allegory called Mr. Market.  Imagine you own a grocery store and you [...]

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The Gum Balls of Earnings and Returns

Whether you’re an active or passive investor, you need to understand the premise of the stock market.  That is, allowing the average person to buy and own stakes in corporate America.  In the market, there are winners and losers, and those who understand the market can and ought to stake a claim for themselves. Let’s take a look at a simple example. Jimmy’s Gumballs Jimmy is a financially inclined seven year-old.  He buys gumballs for 20 cents at the grocery store and sells them for 25 cents to his classmates.  Every day, his main priority is to sell [...]

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What’s Going on with Your Favorite Blog?

A New Focus for The Intelligent Investor As some of you can probably already tell, The Intelligent Investor has been going through somewhat of a whirlwind since it was started early January. When I first started I posted everyday about real estate.  Then I got a tip from Jon Morrow (the associate editor of Copyblogger) suggesting that I write one article a week that was at least 1000 words long – again, all real estate focused.  The goal was to write resourceful content that my readers could go back to again, and again. After leaving my full-time, salaried [...]

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Stick to the Knitting when it Comes to Finance

In Tom Peters’ most famous book, In Search of Excellence, he mentions a great principle: Stick to the knitting. In other words, stick to the business you know. Warren Buffett often talks about things he’s does not know.  When he doesn’t know something he is apt to point it out.  That seems simple enough, but there is tremendous wisdom in that.  In life, as in business, it’s important to know what you know and know what you don’t know.  As Warren often says, know where your parameter is and when you’re getting close to it. In the heyday [...]

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What Nuclear War Teaches Us about Investing

Every year citizens of America (and the world) live with the risk of nuclear war.  Ahmadinejad of Iran and Kim Jong-il of North Korea are just a couple of the known risks of an atomic warfare.  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1970 has sought to reduce spread (proliferation) of nuclear weapons in which nearly 200 countries have signed on and so far it seems to have worked. As it stands, the threat of nuclear detonation year-to-year is likely not 100%.  But at the same time it’s definitely not zero.  But let’s say there is 10% chance of [...]

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The Myth of Diversification

Diversification.  One of the most established tenants of investment strategies taught throughout academia and the investment world. If you’ve met with financial advisers (FA) or portfolio managers they probably mentioned this at least a five times in one sitting.  How you need to buy forty different stocks in ten different asset classes and industries - which makes hard for decision making and requires their help to do so. However, if you study the most successful investors they don’t necessarily follow this mantra.  In many cases, they debunk diversification. Don’t just take my word for it.  Look at the [...]

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