How Much Money You Can Save by Renting?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a licensed real estate agent.  Now I this does not seem to serve me well as a real estate agent.  But I believe that saving money is essential to everyone's success.  Saving money will ultimately allow you to buy a home - which incidentally helps me if I"m your agent. Usually, renting is not in the best interest of our country as far as national GDP is concerned.  When you purchase a home you create jobs - you employ an agent, mortgage broker, builders, construction workers, buy furniture, the additional [...]

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10 Energy Saving Tips that Cost You Less than $10

10 Home Energy Saving Tips for Less than $10 ME: Do you want to save energy? YOU: Ok…but how much will it cost? ME: The time it takes you to read this article. YOU: You have 5 minutes. (Ok, well it depends on how fast you read.) After reading this article, you (and the friends you forward this to) have absolutely no excuse for not being energy savers.  The world we live in today allows us to save energy and make money while doing it.  Keep in mind that I am not an energy zealot with $50k solar [...]

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