How Jesus Would Choose a Fund or Money Manager

You’ve all heard of the phrase, “Let your money work for you.” If you’ve saved up enough money and amassed sizable savings, you might be thinking: Where should I invest my money?  While you can invest in stocks or bonds, another alternative is investing in funds.  Funds are typically run by money managers and can be public or private.  Different funds have different risk/return proportions and lockup periods where the fund requires you to invest for a minimum amount of time (months or years). In the laissez-faire world of investments, money goes to its highest bidder – or [...]

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Magic Formula Investing – In 3 Steps

Book Review: The Little Book that Beats the Market What if you heard there was a “Magic Formula” that said you can beat the market.  You were told that the little guy has a chance to outperform stock market analyst and portfolio managers?  No need to just invest in index funds and wait mindlessly while your investment grows (or diminishes). In his latest piece, The Little Book that Beats the Market author Joel Greenblatt goes through a simple strategy and explains in plain English how to achieve higher returns than average by just running through a formula and [...]

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