After blogging for the last three weeks, I have an important question to ask you.

Do you prefer getting short blog posts everyday or do you prefer one extensive post per week?

Now, before you conclude please hear me out.

Most blogs are shorter and by their nature pack smaller punches.  For real estate however, you might want an all-inclusive article that you can bookmark and even reference.  Let’s take the topic of real estate appraisals.  Instead of just getting a quick snippet (200-300 words) on appraisals you might prefer something that is 1000-3000 words that covers everything you want to know about appraisals.  Again, one you would use as reference material.

I don’t suggest length for length’s sake.  The longer articles will require more thought and research on my part (not to mention reading on your part).  The hope, you get something ultimately better.

I need the blog to spread (I also need to get better, which I will over time so be patient).  Part of the litmus test is: Would you share a shorter article to a friend or would you share an all-inclusive article?

I ask because I care.  There is a whopping thirty readers so you will be heard.  🙂  Please leave your comments below.